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Shipbuilding insurance

Well advised by specialists

Protected in dock and shipyard. Under this slogan, the Hanseatische Kasko Versicherungsagentur offers solid concepts for a precise and therefore perfectly fitting shipbuilding insurance. Whether building hull or conversion insurance - commercial ship insurance is only complete when shipbuilding risks or shipyard risks are also comprehensively considered.

As one of the hand-picked and leading underwriting agents in Germany, HKVA of course also offers shipbuilding insurance with a high level of expertise; with experienced brokers we are a sovereign partner. On this page, you will find a first summary of the important topic of shipbuilding risks and their professional coverage. If you have any specific questions, our experts will be pleased to provide you with personal advice.

What does shipbuilding insurance cover?

Shipping accidents do not only happen on the high seas. Yachts and BI ships, tankers and container ships can also be damaged during construction and conversion - in the supposedly safe harbourd - for instance in floating docks or shipyard facilities. A good shipbuilding insurance provides coverage with high standards of precision. If desired, it reliably covers all risks: for the ship and all its relevant elements. This applies during the production phase as well as during the testing phase up to the handover to the client and the launch. Shipyard risks are professionally and, in particular, completely covered: In addition to all risks associated with the construction and conversion of ships, shipyard liability insurance also insures the owner of the shipyard or floating dock against damage caused during repair and maintenance in the shipyard or port facility. The repair liability insurance has already proven itself many times over. Unforeseen defects following repair work are of course also covered by shipbuilding insurance.

Who benefits from hedging shipbuilding risks?

For companies in the maritime sector that value a first-class commercial ship insurance policy, other elements such as hull and conversion insurance, hackers' load insurance and repair liability are important in this context. These can provide comprehensive protection for BI ships, tankers etc. We also offer our concepts for private owners and shipping companies in the area of brown water hull insurance.

For shipbuilding, insurances are highly important, as new buildings and conversions are key skills in the field of shipyards and ports and can represent cost intensive investments. The same applies analogously, of course, to repairs in the shipbuilding sector. With the right insurance, the cost volume created in this context can be pleasingly reduced to a minimum - an important competitive factor for modern companies in the entrepreneurial maritime sector.

Shipbuilding insurance - best with an individual concept

Standard off-the-peg solutions are not the claim we have as a traditional underwriting agent in the far north of Germany. Our credo is the custom-made insurance solution from which the shipping industry will really benefit. Every company is different, which is why we at HKVA develop concepts that take this uniqueness into account and are individually designed for every need. The decisive factor: expert advice in the run-up to the event that all risks have been considered so that shipyard operators and ship owners are on the safe side.

Take advantage of non-binding expert advice on shipbuilding insurance now

The better we know the requirement profiles of the shipowners and shipping companies to be insured, the more protection can be optimized. We select the ideal one from the offers of well-known insurers and work closely with brokers who appreciate a high degree of specialisation and who have something to offer themselves.

We invite you to our initial consultation on the subject of shipbuilding insurance. This is of course without obligation for you. We are pleased about your interest - contact us immediately!

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