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Your underwriting agent for high demands: HKVA

With power of attorney ahead. This is an excellent description of how the underwriting agency (MGA) in Germany support their customers with tailored insurance cover. This applies in particular to owners of ships and boats that sail the world's oceans, whether privately or commercially. As a traditional insurance company in Bremen, we always have sea air at our doorstep and share your passion for shipping. The Hanseatische Kasko Versicherungsagentur, as a hand-picked underwriting agent, offers all its competence so that you are optimally insured in your profession or your sporting hobby.

In this compact overview, we present our expertise and experience as an underwriting agent and also characterise the difference between an underwriting agent and a broker. If you have any questions, you are very welcome in our insurance company.

What makes us an underwriting agent

What makes us as underwriters? What specifically distinguishes us as your insurance company in Bremen? As an independent partner of many credit-checked insurance companies around the globe, we are established underwriting agents in Germany with numerous powers of attorney. These include, for example, powers of attorney for the conclusion of various ship insurance policies and complete claims management worldwide - at the best conditions for you. Because it is you, our customers, who benefit from our solid cooperation with first-class partners in the insurance business. The well-known insurers also benefit when they cooperate with us as a prudent underwriting agent: In an increasingly complex international market, we keep the insurance companies' backs free and their fixed costs low.

The difference between underwriting agent and broker

In the insurance industry, both experts play an important role in providing tailored insurance cover. However, as is often the case, the devil is in the details and there are subtle but significant differences that are worth knowing. The job of a broker is to arrange insurance for you. He will identify insurance companies that match your requirements in terms of rates and benefits. He acts in an advisory capacity and is your contact person for contract conclusion or changes.

Underwritung agents in Germany take over the tasks of insurance companies. We act with their power of attorney, which they grant us within the framework of a trusting cooperation. The services we provide for the insurance companies are carried out conscientiously to the satisfaction and welfare of our two valuable partners - for you and the respective insurer from whom you receive contractual protection in the event of a claim.

Good reasons for an underwriter

Our expertise - your advantage: For you, we combine the high underwriting capacity of national and international insurance companies with our extensive expert knowledge of marine insurance. We are also well versed in the legal guidelines relating to claims settlement worldwide. As an underwriting agent, we will be happy to act on your behalf - in line with your individual requirements.

An important element in our committed work is the risk assessment by our proven specialists. Our expertise in the shipping sector enables us to assess this particularly well. This is an ideal basis for the agreement of premiums and conditions, where we, as proven underwriting agents in Germany, can also provide you with our good support. In the settlement of claims and the execution of recoveries, the HKVA also convinces with its conceptual and assertive action on your behalf. We also support you in other administrative tasks. Always professional. Always appropriate. And always personal.

More about the services of our insurance company in Bremen?

We are pleased about your interest in placing your trust in us as a demanding and responsible underwriting agent. Our experts are there for you!

What makes us different as underwriting agency? As an independent partner to many credit-certified insurance companies around the world, we have numerous powers of agency to conclude various types of marine insurance and offer complete claims management worldwide – on the best terms for you, of course. In the increasingly complex international market, we provide relief for insurance companies and keep their fixed costs low.

Good reasons for an underwriting agency: for the benefit of our customers, we combine the high underwriting capacity of national and international insurance companies with our extensive expertise in marine insurance. We also know our way around the legal guidelines concerning claim settlement worldwide.

As underwriting agency, we would be happy to work for you, especially in

  • risk assessment
  • agreement of premiums and terms
  • settlement of claims
  • execution of recourses
  • other administrative tasks