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Every ship is valuable. One of the main reasons for this is the ship's electrical system. As it has a major influence on function and comfort, it is usually of high quality and is one of the most important elements on board. Within the framework of a professionally and practically compiled insurance cover for a ship owner or shipping company, electronic equipment must be considered comprehensively. For the specialised insurance broker, the HKVA Hanseatische Kasko Versicherungsagentur is a thoroughly and professionally acting partner in this context, offering high expertise and first-class dedication.

Everything important about marine electronics insurance is summarized in this overview. If you have any questions about a customized insurance cover, we as a hand-picked underwriting agent in Germany are there for you.

What makes marine electronics insurance important?

Electronic equipment is the heart of the ship. They serve a wide range of functions and a comfort plus, which is also of great importance in commercial shipping today. Ship electronics also offer the shipping company or the ship owner and its crew solid protection: the functioning of the electronic systems and devices on board is important for safe ship operation. It is also the proper functioning of the ship's electronics that protects the shipping company from costly failures caused by technical problems which could affect the ability to deliver and make customers displeased. Conclusion: The seamlessly functioning on-board electronics is the key - and it is our motto as an underwriter to consider electronic equipment in a comprehensive insurance solution.

Who benefits from marine electronics insurance?

All ships in commercial shipping do, because in the modern age, every ship incorporates electronic equipment. Both the ship owner with the small fleet and the established shipping company benefit significantly if the ship's electrical system is professionally and, in particular, individually secured. It is our task as an underwriting agent to professionally advise our partners from the brokerage sector in this context and to work with them to find the perfect insurance concept for the customer. Marine electronics insurance plays an important role in the context of the relevant insurance policies. It also provides cover in the event of an operating error or design fault. The protection is comprehensive - ideal for the high-quality technology of marine electronics!

What does marine electronics insurance cover?

The marine electronics insurance provides the best possible protection for the electronic equipment on board. In the event of failure - for example of the radar or compass - it covers the associated repair costs. Operating errors, overvoltage and design faults are also covered by solid insurance. With a high level of practical relevance, all eventualities relating to the ship's electrical system are insured. For shipowners and shipping companies, marine electronics insurance is an indispensable supplement to classic hull insurance and should definitely be considered by the specialised broker. The HKVA has first-class expertise to offer in the subject of marine electronics insurance. Weather influences are also covered, from water damage to storm and even frost.

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Whether overvoltage or construction errors: With the Hanseatische Kasko Versicherungsagentur, the electronics of ships are in the very best hands. Our ambition is the individual and thus optimised solution - not a blanket standard. Therefore, solid advice is particularly important to us. Because the better we get to know a company with its special requirement profile, the better we can arrange insurance cover for ship electronics.

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