Charterers Liability

The professional protection against damage claims

Being active around the world. This is the motto for a ship owner who offers professional sea transport. Therefore, this should also be the motto for the cover that is indispensable in a liability situation. After all, the costs incurred by the charterer as a result of damage claims should be avoided at all costs. With Charterers Liability this is perfectly possible. As one of the leading underwriting agents, Hanseatische Kasko Versicherungsagentur is a high-quality partner for insurance specialists who provide shipowners and specialists for sea transport with precise coverage. This overview provides you with the most important facts about our skills. If you have any questions, we are there for you with all our expertise.

What risks lead to claims for damages against the charterer?

Every sea transport involves risks. Due to the charter contracts, which are to be concluded within the contractual chain, claims for damages can also be generated against the charterer. Their type and amount depend on the individual conditions, which are precisely defined in the charter contracts. Typical examples where the Charterers Liability is suitable as an important investment are:

  • Pollution
  • Fines
  • entering an unsafe port or berth
  • damage caused by the stevedoring companies contracted by the charterer
  • stowaways on board
  • Costs for wreck removal

This list already demonstrates that there are many areas of application for insurance against claims for damages and thus charterers liability.

The function of Charterers Liability

Charterers’ liability insurance protects the charterer against possible claims for compensation. It is therefore an essential element in a tailor-made insurance concept for shipowners and experts in maritime transport. Around the charter contracts, it provides protection worldwide with a high degree of practical relevance to the specific liability situation. Therefore, every maritime transport expert benefits from this comprehensive protection against possible claims for damages. In the case of high costs, which could burden the charterer with claims for damages, the Charterers Liability even provides protection for the company as a whole. It is important to know that the responsibility that arises for the ship owner from the charter contracts also applies to partners - such as freight forwarders and transshipment companies. In addition, activities of marine brokers as well as all aspects of loading and unloading or the issuing of relevant documents for shipping at home and abroad must be taken into account in this context. This means: Due to the many parties involved in the shipping business, more sources of error are generated - and thus of course claims for damages against the charterer.

Customised insurance cover with Charterers Liability

As an equally traditional and innovative underwriting agent, we are committed to accurately checking the required insurance cover and arranging individually designed insurance concepts. We are a high-performance partner for insurers for the concept from which the insured person benefits in the long term. In this context, it is important for us to carefully examine existing charter contracts, as they provide the basis for the insurance potential.

Your link to an optimised Charterers Liability

Every commercial shipping company is different. This means that the requirement profiles around insurance are also different. Thanks to our expertise, we at the HKVA are the partner for customised cover in professional shipping. Of course, this not only applies to Charterers Liability, but also to all other industry-specific insurance services which are valid worldwide.

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