Avoid the risks of commercial shipping

Anyone who runs a business in the commercial shipping sector today should be sure to take good precautions. Especially large ships, for example the classic container ships, have a high value. If there is damage to the machinery or a damage to a part of the ship, a repair - if it is efficient at all - is usually unpleasantly costly. Anyone who has taken out a blue water hull insurance policy with a reliable partner for his shipping company within the framework of the General German Marine Insurance Conditions (ADS) benefits from first-class protection. The Hanseatische Kasko Versicherungsagentur is such a partner. This overview describes what we can offer you as one of the hand-picked underwriting agents in Germany. If you have any questions regarding franchise, replacement to third parties and other insurance conditions, our experts are of course there for you with a personal contact person.

Who benefits from a high-performance blue water insurance?

The higher the value of a ship is, the more the cost of engine damage or damage to a part of the ship is affected In the commercial sector, large ships are usually used, which are expensive to repair in the event of a hurricane or other weather influence, explosion or accident. But it is not only the repair that generates worrying scenarios for companies. It is also the failures that lead to high costs and reduce the so important customer satisfaction. A tailored blue water hull insurance with a reputable insurer is therefore something that is recommended, indeed mandatory, for every commercially active ship owner. Seaworthy means of transport also include special ships such as cranes, tugs or even dry docks.

What does the high-quality blue water hull offer?

Blue water hull is one of the ship insurance policies that covers many risks. We act as one of the leading insurance companies with high professionalism and precision, so that we can filter out the optimal insurer with ideal insurance conditions for our clients. As a partner of shipowners who use their ocean-going vessels for business purposes, we have many years of experience and take a lot of time to find the perfect marine hull insurance for them. The scope of services of the marine insurance policies we select includes all damage to the ship itself, engine damage, damage to accessories and equipment as well as replacement to third parties. General average contributions are of course also included, as is total loss.

What are the advantages of blue water hull insurance with an established insurer?

The captain appreciates the watertight ship - we appreciate an all-round watertight insurance cover. As a sophisticated acting underwriting agent we exclusively consider insurers whose insurance conditions for the protection of a ship are based on the General German Marine Insurance Conditions (ADS), the Institute Time Clauses - Hulls (ITC) and the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan (Nordic Plan) in order to cover the interest in the value of the ship according to the respective valid insurance conditions of the german or international markets. This is an important component of the multi-layered insurance policies in blue water insurance. In this context, it is also important to us as experts that Loss of Hire (LOH), Increased Value (IV) and Protection & Indemnity (P&I) are well combined. In the event of a claim, we offer you the support of reliable partners: our network experts are quickly on site and provide uncomplicated assistance worldwide.

Take out the optimal blue water hull insurance now

General off-the-peg standard solutions are not compatible with our credo as a renowned underwriting agent. Our claim is the tailored solution in the premium segment of ship insurance. Whether an insured event on a container ship or special arrangements regarding the replacement of third parties - we also develop clever solutions for the settlement of claims. An experienced contact person for all questions is a matter of course for us. Your expert coordinates all necessary activities and is there for you when it counts.

May we explain to you the possibilities of blue water hull insurance within the framework of the General German Marine Insurance Conditions (ADS) and answer all your questions about insurance conditions, franchise and co.? Simply make an appointment with our specialists from the HKVA. We are pleased about your interest and will present you the ideal insurance solution with expertise and commitment!

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