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Protection in the event of total loss, etc.

Seagoing vessels and riverboats will continue to grow in importance in the field of logistics. In order to better protect shipping companies and shipowners against various types of damage, in addition to marine hull and brown water hull insurance, we also offer you disbursements insurance. The amount depends on the hull insurance value.

In the event of accidents, the value of the vessel may, depending on the market situation, exceed the agreed hull value. In general average contributions, replacing a ship often results in a financial shortfall. Even in the event of a total loss, our disbursements insurance supports you with a pre-defined amount. We also insure collision excess and other freight interests, etc. In short: insurance of disbursements plays a decisive role in the overall insurance package. We carefully identify your needs and develop a tailor-made insurance solution for you. So that you remain economically stable and able to act even in the event of damage.

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