Increased Value Insurance

Better by the professional partner

Marine and inland hull are essential components of comprehensive insurance covers for companies in modern shipping, but it is necessary that these should be completed by an increased value insurance. In the event of total loss, this is the professional protection ship owners and shipping companies appreciate.

The “Hanseatische Kasko Versicherungsagentur“ is an expert on the relevant theme increased value insurance for shipping. This page gives you an overview of our services and if you have any questions about individual concepts, we are a well-versed partner and look forward to your interest.

For which damages is the increased value insurance important?

Sea and river vessels are of great significance in the field of modern logistics - with a gratifyingly positive trend due to the favourable market situation. However, the more ships in the lakes and rivers, the more risks are involved. An accident usually generates damage to the ship and equipment, which is associated with expensive repairs. In this context, the value of the ship is also an important component. We at HKVA are the partner who can integrate the increased value insurance for shipping into a solid concept.

Who benefits from increased value insurance?

Total loss is a high expense factor in the shipping sector and should be professionally secured, as it can bring the shipping company into the realm of economic disaster. If the ship and equipment are damaged, prompt assistance from the insurer is essential. And this assistance is essential for everyone - since the cost of a total loss is not something that can be paid for out of petty cash.

The perfect insurer for high risks

In order to provide shipping companies and shipowners with good cover for various types of loss events, we also offer them - as a precise supplement to marine hull and brown water hull insurance - a increased value insurance. As an established underwriting agent, we work together with a whole range of reputable insurers - this benefits the brokers cooperating with us and, of course, the companies in the shipping industry to be insured. Due to our independence and objectivity as well as our first-class expertise in all aspects of increased value insurance, we can optimise protection for the insured.

Calculation of the increased value insurance

The conception of the increased value insurance is closely related to hull insurance, as the amount depends on the hull insurance rate. Thus, a solid and comprehensible basis is created. Nevertheless, it is not always the case that the tax covers the entire value of the ship: In the event of accidents, the ship value can, depending on the market situation, exceed the agreed hull insurance rate. In general average cases financial gaps often arise when the replacement of the ship is to be implemented. Even in the event of a total loss, our increased value insurance provides support with a previously defined amount. Collision excesses and other interests arising from freight charges are just as competently covered. In short: The protection of increased value plays a decisive role in the overall insurance package.

Now for the right increased value insurance

At Hanseatische Kasko Versicherungsagentur, the protection of increased value is professionally and precisely integrated into the customised package for individual protection. We carefully determine the concrete need and arrange a custom-fit insurance solution with a high practical relevance. This ensures that shipping companies remain economically stable and capable of acting in the event of a claim.

Are you interested? We offer a professional and appropriate initial consultation around the increased value insurance, which of course can integrate a non-binding offer.

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